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Community Involvement

Community Involvement

As stewards of the environment, it's important to us to engage in projects that promote increasing the urban tree canopy and decreasing carbon emissions. Below are some of our ongoing efforts toward that end.

Friends of Trees

Annual tree planting events in the Portland/Vancouver metro area

In an effort to increase urban tree canopy, Collier Arbor Care teams up with Friends of Trees to plant trees in targeted neighborhoods. Eastmoreland — hit particularly hard by dutch elm disease — has been an a focus of the events, as well as several neighborhoods in the Vancouver area. In addition to providing curb appeal and vitality to a neighborhood, the trees provide shade and cooling, and retain a lot of storm water runoff.

Terrill Collier, son Quentin and Friends of Trees volunteers planting a tree in a neighborhood parking strip.

The Arbor Car

Promoting sustainability with bio-diesel fueled Volkswagen Jettas

Collier Arbor Care salespeople now make their rounds a little greener by using cars fueled with bio-diesel. Phil Wich (pictured) happily switched from a less efficient pick-up truck he used to the 40 mpg VW Jetta. "We’ve always been known for our environmentally sensitive approach and these new cars provide a visual confirmation of that approach,” he said.

Phil Wich with the Collier Arbor Care Arbor Car which runs on bio-diesel fuel.

Pro Bono Tree Service

Extensive work on the 154 year-old Riding Whip Tree

There had been significant dieback in the crown of the 154 year-old tree near Salem, Oregon and the tree had a history of large branch failure, so Collier Arbor Care's arborists used the firm’s bucket truck to accomplish the large cuts needed in the crown. The tree is one of Oregon's 45 official Heritage trees. Collier Arbor Care helps to maintain other Heritage trees as well — the Peg Tree in Lake Oswego and the 450-year-old Signature while oak at the Oregon Garden in Silverton.

The Riding Whip tree at Geercrest farms is trimmed by Collier Arbor Care arborists.

Tour des Trees

Annual cycling event to raise money for tree research

The Collier family (pictured) has been involved in the ride since 2004. The 550-mile bike ride is sponsored by the TREE Fund (Tree Research and Education Endowment) and is designed to raise money and awareness for urban tree research. The TREE fund also supports commercial arborists and their endeavors, and provides scholarships to students through the Robert Felix Memorial Scholarship.

The Collier Family on the road to raise money for tree research.

Get Involved!

Here are some links to help you get involved with arbor-related activities.

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