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Residential Services
tree being pruned

Shrub and Tree Pruning

Our arborists are balancing plant health, safety and artistry when pruning and shaping your plants from specimen shrubs or prized lace leaf maples to the largest shade and evergreen trees. We prune to emphasize a tree's natural shape. If the tree has structural problems, we can cable it to increase its safety. In natural disaster situations we provide priority, emergency tree damage response to our clients. We also expertly prune fruit trees to shape and optimize fruit production. All of our work is performed in accordance with Industry Standard (ANSI A-300) tree pruning guidelines.

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root system receiving soil treatment

Soil Health

Proper nutrition is of primary importance in plant health care. Our Soil Health Programs improve poor soils by promoting healthy soil biology and by providing plant nutrition that is 100% organic. At Collier Arbor Care, our programs feature the use of compost tea, organic fertilizers and Mycorrhizae (a beneficial root fungus) to sustainably enhance landscape soils. Our Soil Health Care and Targeted Soil Health Care programs create trees and shrubs that are healthier, more resistant to plant problems, and they look and grow better.

If you can do just one thing to promote the health and beauty of your landscape plants, the Soil Health Program is it! Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your landscape and find out how our all natural program will protect your plants, promote soil sustainability, and make your landscape thrive.

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rigging the tree for removal

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

If a tree must be removed because it is dead or hazardous, our expert arborists can safely and efficiently take it down with the most advanced technical rigging equipment and experience in the industry. Our expert and careful tree removal is performed to insure safety to people, structures and the landscape. For stump removal, we have portable stump grinding equipment

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Plant Health Care

Our Plant Health Care program integrates the most holistic and state-of-the-art approach to tree and shrub care from roots to shoots. This program consists of six to eight scheduled diagnostic inspections of all the ornamental trees and shrubs in your landscape. This enables us to detect and treat problems before they damage your plants. After each inspection we provide you with a written report of our findings and treat your landscape as necessary for harmful insects and diseases. We always suggest and implement solutions that are environmentally friendly.

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dandelion weed

Landscape Weed Control

We can apply specialized treatments designed to control existing weeds and deter new weeds from encroaching into your landscape. We treat for weeds four times a year: three pre-emergent treatments before they appear and one post-emergent treatment to clean up the few weeds that elude the preventative applications.

bronze birch borer

Targeted Insect and
Disease Treatments

The cure of your plant problems starts with a site visit and an accurate diagnosis by our expert Arborists. Then we custom design an insect and disease treatment program to fit the health needs of your trees (including fruit trees) and shrubs. This scientific approach eliminates unnecessary treatments by targeting only the pest-susceptible plants. By targeting only pest susceptible plants for treatment, we protect the health of your plants and the environment.

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Organic Lawn Care

Collier Arbor Care specializes in growing beautiful and healthy Northwest lawns. Our organic based programs provide fertilizers and nutrients based on your particular grass, growing condition, and soil analysis. We apply weed and insect treatments only if they are needed, and offer core aeration to prevent thatch build up and to allow more air, water, and nutrients to get into the root zone. We also provide soil testing and disease treatments.

examination of a tree limb

Consulting and Diagnosis

Collier Arbor Care has developed a reputation within the industry for our expertise in diagnosing tough tree and landscape problems, and for designing and implementing solutions to protect your valuable landscape investment. We perform many consulting and diagnostic services including hazard tree evaluations, insect and disease diagnosis and solutions, tree protection planning and supervision for construction sites, soil analysis and fertilization recommendations, tree surveys, and tree appraisals.