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Top Ten Turf Problems


Caused by excessive shade, poor ventilation and acidic soils.
Solution: Application of iron in the winter. Also the thinning of over story shade source and over seeding to improve turf density.

European Cranefly

Crown feeding larvae in the spring.
Solution: Application of insecticide or nematodes (biological invertebrates which feed on specific larvae) applied during infestation.

Turf Disease

Caused by poor turf health, vigor and conducive weather conditions.
Solution: Application of turf Fungicide, a proper fertilization regime and adequate watering.

Nutritional Deficiency and Discoloration

Caused by inadequate fertilization.
Solution: constant applications or our organic based fertilizer, proper watering and mowing practices.

Thinning and Bare Spots

Caused by compacted soil, poor soil conditions, heavy clay content, shade, improper watering, heavy usage, etc.
Solution: Core Aeration, to loosen underlying soil layers, allowing for increase root growth, water filtration and air movement. Thinning of shade trees, over seeding, (with the correct seed types), a proper fertilization regime and adequate watering.

Weeds in Turf

Solution: Application of herbicide on a timely basis to control broadleaf weeds. Seeding may be necessary to improve turf density that will deter week encroachment into the turf.

Ornamental Bed Weeds

Solution: A post emergent herbicide is applied to control existing weeds. Three pre-emergent herbicide applications (spring, summer and fall) to control new weeds.

Acidic Soils

Caused by excessive build up of acid - rich plant material that deters turf vigor.
Solution: Treatment of lime in the winter to return soil to its proper pH.

Improper Watering

Solution: Watering 1/2 inch three mornings a week on a consistent basis is recommended.

Blackberry and Other Woody Vegetation

Solution: Application of specialty herbicides in the spring and fall are recommended.