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Lush, green, and healthy landscapes are supported by healthy soils.
Lush, green, and healthy landscapes
are supported by healthy soils.

Soil Health Programs

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As part of Collier Arbor Care’s sustainability initiative we are proud to announce our Soil Health program that improves poor soils by promoting healthy soil biology, providing plant nutrition and is all organic. Our program features the use of compost tea, organic fertilizers and Mycorrhizae (a beneficial root fungus) to sustainably enhance our landscape soils. Our three times per year program promotes healthy soil biology that naturally releases plant nutrients, improves soil structure and helps decrease harmful disease and pest problems. This innovative all natural program replaces the traditional approach of using commercial fertilizers that are often over applied and do little to enhance the biological activity that is necessary for sustainable soil
building and nutrient cycling.

If you can only do one thing to promote the health and beauty of your landscape plants the Soil Health Program is it! Call us today to schedule a Collier Arborist to visit and assess your landscape and find out how our all natural program will protect and benefit your plants and soil sustainability.


Organic Fertilizer

Our organic fertilizer is comprised of fish hydrolysate which provides a slow release form of nitrogen as well as a healthy balance of 18 macro nutrients and more than 60 micro nutrients and trace minerals necessary for healthy plant growth.


Beneficial Mycorrhizal fungi, combined with a root stimulant containing humates, nitrogen fixing bacteria, vitamins and biostimulant to emulate forest soils. Improves feeder root development, water and nutrient absorption and helps to protect against some soil diseases.


Soil Health Care

Compost tea, fertilizer and Mycorrhizae applications are used to improve the soil biology in spring, summer and fall to all trees and ornamentals.

Targeted Soil Health Care

Same as above, but treating only designated “signature” trees/plants in your landscape.


Here is what some of our customers think about our organic soil health programs:

Jana of Tigard
Re: Soil Health Program

Their services at our home expanded to… their soil analysis and enrichment program. They are the “cream of the crop”, experts and the right people for tree, shrub, soil and so much more garden care and health.

Providing healthy soils for your trees, shrubs and lawn.

Providing healthy soils for your trees, shrubs and lawn.