blooming flowers climber in tree to prune beneficial mushrooms close up of lady bug on leaf japanese maple being pruned
spots on leaf being inspected

Plant Health Care Program

Our Plant Health Care program integrates the most holistic and state-of-the-art approach to tree and shrub care from roots to shoots. This program consists of six to eight scheduled diagnostic inspections of all the ornamental trees and shrubs in your landscape. This enables us to detect and treat problems before they damage your plants. After each inspection we provide you with a written report of our findings and treat your landscape as necessary for harmful insects and diseases. We always suggest and implement solutions that are environmentally friendly.

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bronze birch borer

Targeted Insect and Disease
Treatment Program

The cure of your plant problems starts with a site visit and an accurate diagnosis by our expert Arborists. Then we custom design an insect and disease treatment program to fit the health needs of your trees (including fruit trees) and shrubs. This scientific approach eliminates unnecessary treatments by targeting only the pest-susceptible plants. By targeting only pest susceptible plants for treatment, we protect the health of your plants and the environment.


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